My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 08/10/2020

A few adjustments last week but stuck with last week’s plan mostly. I added in a few extra Yoga classes last week to help improve my flexibility, and I pulled back a bit today due to traveling.

A group of us have signed up for the NYC Full Virtual Marathon, which is in October. I reviewed the calendar and did not realize that we are only ten weeks away from the October 17th weekend. I would typically shoot for a full 16-week plan, but given that I am limited on time, I pulled together this more abbreviated schedule. I may have to make some adjustments; any may pull out the Friday runs to build in a bit more recovery, as this will be a bit tight and maybe a bit too much cumulative fatigue.

This week I will start the week off focused on strength and endurance, put in some intense anaerobic work on Thursday, and then get the running plan started.

How’s your training going? Are you training for anything or trying to improve your speed, cadence, or output on the Bike or Tread? Ping me on Instagram @RobertJGates

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