Microsoft Teams – In-meeting dial-pad command to mute/unmute

Ok, you are in a meeting, maybe some background noise was introduced into the call, and you quickly utilize the “Mute All” button to get rid of the noise. You call upon someone in the meeting who may have been dialed in, and you hear no response. Or the worst part you are the person who is dialed into a meeting and no one can hear you.

If you ever run into this situation, it may mean that the person who dialed into the meeting is on mute. Today you currently can’t tell if the person who is dialed into the conference is on mute or not.

To quickly get off mute the person dialed into the meeting would simply need to press *6 to toggle the mute / unmute feature.

I know this may not be something we run into often, but it’s happened to me twice in recent days, so it’s a good tip to know.

  • *6 (Mute/unmute themselves)
  • *1 (Plays the descriptions of dial-pad commands that are available)

You can read more about Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing common questions at the link below.

My Peloton Workout Plan

My Peloton Workout Plan

Stuck with most of last weeks plan across the majority of the week

My Peloton Workout Plan

My Peloton Workout Plan

A few adjustments last week but stuck with last week’s plan mostly

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