Scam of the Week – Warranty Department

The number of scams sent via emails and phone calls continues to increase at a rapid pace. In each attempt, the scammers appear to be getting just a little smarter and a little more creative in their efforts. In the latest scam that has hit my home phone, the scammers are attempting to convince me that my warranty has expired for my car and they are willing to extend my warranty.

Now it is true that one of my vehicles has reached the age where the manufacturer warranty has expired. The scammers most likely are assuming that many people have a car that is out of warrenty. Of course, the worst case scenario is the local car dealer where I purchased my car, or the car manufacturer has sold my personal information for a profit to one of these companies.

In checking a variety of websites and forums, it seems like the scammers are selling a warranty program that can cost hundreds of dollars. What you have to be careful is that based on the feedback of others the warranty is nothing more than a discount card that gets you a small amount off the repair of your vehicle at a few select locations. In most cases, the discount does not justify the expense of this so-called extended warranty program.
If you do happen to be looking for an extended warranty program for your car, I would check with your car dealer or do your own research.

Below is the call from the automated system that was attempting to get me to buy their extended warranty program. Be careful out there!!

This is the warranty department. The reason I am calling is to remind you that we sent you a final warranty notice in the mail letting you know that the warranty on your vehicle has expired.

This is the final call for you to renew before we close the file.

So would you like to hear your options about getting under coverage?

I’m so sorry I didn’t hear you clearly, would you like to hear your options about getting back under coverage?

Would you like to hear your options about getting back under coverage?

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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