It’s time for IPV6

IPv6 for Azure VNET generally available

Internet Protocol version 6 is an internet standard for communicating between computers. One of its most notable features is the exceptionally large number of IP addresses available using this protocol. The 128-bit addresses are four times the length of IPv4 addresses (32-bit) but provide 3.4×10^38 addresses—enough for each person on the globe to have billions of addresses to themselves.

Most Regional Internet Registries exhausted their IPv4 address space as of 2015, so new IPv4 address space is no longer available. As a result, the cost of IPv4 address space continues to climb, and governments and industries— most notably mobile (cellular) and IoT markets—are moving to IPv6 for its vastly increased address space (over IPV4) and other features.

Microsoft has announced that IPv6 for Azure VNet will become generally available across Azure regions worldwide shortly after the Ignite conference. Preview was announced in July 2019.

IPv6 support within the Azure Virtual Network and to the internet enables customers to expand into the growing mobile and IoT markets with Azure-based applications and to address IPv4 depletion in their own corporate networks.

Microsoft 365 Global Reader Role

Microsoft 365 Global Reader Role

Security, Compliance, and Governance are core to building trust for your users,

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

As of 11/6/19 – Microsoft 365 Business Voice is currently available in

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