How I work from home with Microsoft Teams

For many years now, I have had the flexibility to work from home at least one day a week. Over

Social Engineering via postal mail.

Internet scams through snail mail?

We have all experienced scam emails or messages over social media that attempt to trick us into providing personal information.

Peloton needs to reopen the studio immediately

Peloton needs to reopen the studio if it wants a chance to regain the pre-covid Peloton community excitement and growth that made its early success.

Peloton – The Pause Button

I have been an enthusiastic Peloton member since January of 2017. Over the many years, one feature request that I

Screen shot of the new Microsoft Teams Webinar option that shows up under the New Meeting button in the Calendar view of the Microsoft Teams client.

Microsoft Teams – Webinars

Schedule and run a Webinar from Microsoft Teams.

Peloton Tread Lock Feature

Peloton – Tread Lock

An extra step, yes, but well worth it for the safety.

Peloton Apple Watch Sync step

Peloton – Apple Watch Sync issue on Live Rides (Workaround)

One of the great benefits of the Peloton Bike and Treadmill is the amount of data you can see about

Automatically Switching AirPods

How to reduce the frustration if you use multiple Apple based devices at once

Peloton Bike+ is an amazing upgrade

Well, yesterday was the day our Peloton Bike+’s arrived. Being Peloton riders for almost four years with over 1000+ rides each, we

Microsoft Teams – NDI Support

Microsoft Teams is a great tool to bring people together in meetings, allowing everyone to hear and see each other

My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 08/24/2020

My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 08/10/2020

My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 08/03/2020

Microsoft Teams – Live Event Guest Presenter

If you need to have a guest outside of your organization present in your live event, do the following.

Microsoft Teams – Virtual NBA fans

using Microsoft Teams Together Mode to bring fans and players together.

My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 07/27/2020

Microsoft Teams New Meeting experience – Turn it on!

The new Microsoft Teams meeting experience is here, but you need to turn it on within your client. At some

How to recovery your wireless password from the command line

I forgot my wireless password recently, and instead of reprogramming all my devices, I found this trick to look up the passwords configured on my Mac and PC.

My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 07/20/2020

Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting

Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting

Are you looking for ways to troubleshoot known issues in Microsoft Teams, well check out this link.

My action plan in the event of a future pandemic

Over the past few months, we have all gone through a very challenging time. The rate of transmission of COVID-19

Microsoft Teams – Using Tags

Tags are a new feature within Microsoft Teams that recently rolled out (Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 57651). Tags in Microsoft Teams

Chat and Calling Interoperability between Microsoft Teams and Skype Consumer

Microsoft Teams – Skype Consumer chat and calling interoperability

There are a number of people in my personal and work life who utilize Skype consumer for its chat and

Microsoft Teams – Meeting PowerShell Settings: Who can Present & Download Engagement Report

Here are a few quick tips on adjusting who can present in a meeting and how you can download an

Microsoft Teams – Custom Backgrounds

When I first heard of custom backgrounds I thought it was kind of silly. After using it for a while now, it’s a great tool to limit distraction and maintain privacy.