Scam of the Week – Social Security Card Suspended

Social Security Card

Alright, this one has been hitting my home phone number multiple times this week. Based on the voicemail message, it appears that my social security number has been deactivated due to fraudulent activities.

The Social Security Administration office will not call you regarding issues about your social security number. If they do contact you, it would be via postal mail, and you would have multiple ways to verify that the mail came from the real Social Security Administration offices.

If you end up speaking with the caller and they state that your Social Security number is at risk of being deactivated or deleted, be cautious. The caller may provide a phone number for you to call to resolve the issue. People should be aware the scheme’s details may vary; however, you should avoid engaging with the caller or calling the number provided, as the caller might attempt to acquire personal information.

For more detail, take a read at the following article from the Social Security Administration office.

If you want to read the text or hear the actual voicemail that I received see the transcription and audio file below.

We want to inform you that we have got in order to suspend your socials immediately within 24 hour basis because we had found suspicious fraudulent activities on your social to get more information about this case file. Please call immediately on our Department number 877-852-1765 repeat a 8778521765.

Another how NOT to get someone’s attention on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Communication from someone who spammed me because something in my profile gave their search query the idea I am running a law firm.

Another how NOT to get someone’s attention on LinkedIn

Well, this one caught me off guard

The NYC Half Marathon is almost here!
New York Road Runner NYC Half Marathon 2020 Course Map

The NYC Half Marathon is almost here!

Well, this is it!

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