YouTube – New Video Chapter Markers

New YouTube Chapter marker feature makes it easy to breakout the various segments of your videos.
How to add YouTube Chapter Markers to your videos
How to add YouTube Chapter Markers to your videos

So I was updating some technical videos I had posted on YouTube yesterday. I wanted to help the viewers know where to go within the videos to go directly to specific elements that they may be interested in. I set up the YouTube Video description with time markers on particular points within the videos.

My plan was to make hyperlinks with the time markers, which would then reset the video and take the person to the specific point in time.

After making the initial time layout, I saved the video description and noticed that YouTube has a new automatic feature. Instantly my video timeline is now broken out by my timeline description. A very helpful and simple feature that can help make it easier for your viewers to get right to the core content they need!

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