Another how NOT to get someone’s attention on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Communication from someone who spammed me because something in my profile gave their search query the idea I am running a law firm.

Well, this one caught me off guard. So it was just a typical day, and I opted to take a few minutes to check in on my LinkedIn community. As I jumped in, I noticed a new LinkedIn connect request. I was taking a read through the connect request; it was an individual attempting to connect to discuss working together in my legal practice. Of course, this is where the request will fail. Had the person checked my profile, they would have noticed that I do not run a legal practice, though I have worked with folks in the legal profession, helping them transform their business through technology.

I like LinkedIn, it has provided great value as a business professional over the years. Please don’t use automation, focus on building relationships, and connecting with folks where there is a chance to provide benefit to each other. Doing searches and learning about the individuals you are contacting is really not that time consuming.

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