How NOT to get someone’s attention on LinkedIn

How not to send a LinkedIn message

One of the things that I have enjoyed about LinkedIn is the ability to network and build actual connections with folks around common business aspects. Over the years, I have had people reach out to me with a wide range of ideas, opportunities, and general collaboration.

It can be exciting to get a new message from someone, especially if it has something that you are interested in. Unfortunately, like most platforms, people are continuing to find ways to message people in bulk through automation. I got this message on LinkedIn the other day, and at first glance, I was intrigued and was considering responding until I noticed the variable placeholder where my first name should be.

Seriously, don’t mass spam people on LinkedIn, or any platform for that matter. Take the time to read the individual’s profile, learn about them, and reach out to them with a personal touch; you will get far more responses that will be truly meaningful.

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