My Peloton Workout Plan

for the week of 08/03/2020

Stuck with most of last weeks plan across the majority of the week. Took it easy on Sunday and only did Yoga, just needed some rest.

This week I am adding more Yoga to continue to increase my flexibility and build up more core strength. I just noticed as I am looking at my plan for this week that I forgot to add in strength classes, so I will be adding in a sprinkling of Core, Lower Body, and Upper bodywork with some 20-minute classes.

Next week I will be shifting the focus to tempo and speed play to improve my pace. If you have any suggestions on classes that follow a tempo or fartlek style let me know.

How’s your training going? Are you training for anything or trying to improve your speed, cadence, or output on the Bike or Tread? Ping me on Instagram @RobertJGates

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