Microsoft Teams – Live Event Guest Presenter

If you need to have a guest outside of your organization present in your live event, do the following.

With the increase in people delivering events over tools like Microsoft Teams, I have been getting a lot of questions about Microsoft Teams Live events for webinar style events. One item that often comes up is the best practice for having guests join as presenters into the event.

The following link on is a great resource to provide clarity on the various configurations and options available in Microsoft Teams Live events.

With Microsoft Teams Live Events Non-authenticated anonymous users can’t be invited as producers or presenters in Teams live events. They must be authenticated to participate as a presenter.

Per the doc link above to give a guest the ability to present in a live event you should do the following:

  1. Add the user as a guest to a team.
  2. Have the user accept the guest invitation and join the team.
  3. Schedule the live event and add the guest to your event group.

As always, with Live events, it’s always best to practice delivering events and using the features and functions within the tool to ensure you are comfortable delivering the session before the big event.

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