Microsoft Teams – Wait it’s been three years?

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I just stopped to take a break from the news that continues to unfold around the world. I decided to spend a few minutes getting caught up on a wide range of blog posts all across technology and business. I can’t believe that Microsoft Teams is now three years old. I have had the privilege to use Microsoft Teams since day one. It is incredible to watch a product grow in features, capability, and sheer scale in such a short period.

Marissa Salazar published a blog post containing a long list of updates today celebrating Microsoft Teams 3 year birthday. The blog post highlights a wealth of new features and capabilities that are rolling out across Microsoft Teams.

  • Great audio quality even under networks with high packet loss 
  • Background Blur for iOS (coming soon)
  • Easily conduct interviews, virtual healthcare visits, and more with Bookings App
  • Raise hands in Teams meetings when you have something to say 
  • Reduce background noise in Teams meetings with noise suppression
  • New Satin codec makes the Teams meeting and calling experience even better
  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice available in the US on April 1st 
  • RealWear headset for hands-free Teams collaboration 
  • Teams Walkie Talkie on the Samsung XCover Pro
  • Teams collaborations bars, transform small spaces into collaborative workspaces
  • Device management experience in Teams admin center 
  • Get ahold of the right on-shift employees using targeted communications
  • Workforce management integrations and Teams
  • New Capabilities in Shifts 
  • Pop out Teams chats into multiple windows 
  • Access Teams even without an Internet connection
  • Include up to 10,000 users in an individual team
  • Group chat with up to 250 people 
  • Teams & Skype Consumer chat and calling interoperability

Full blog post with all the details at – >

I am especially looking forward to the “Teams & Skype consumer chat and calling interoperability.” There are times when I need to engage with an individual, such as a friend or family member who does not leverage Microsoft Teams. Having the ability to stay within the Microsoft Teams interface and not have to switch my context into another tool will be helpful.

I recently updated my workspace and added an additional monitor. Having all this screen real estate has been helpful in allowing me to get my work completed. The new “Pop-out Teams chats” function is going to be helpful. There are many times where I am engaged in dialog throughout the day with various individuals. Having the ability to pop out the individual chat conversations and place them on my secondary screen will help me stay engaged in multiple discussions and increase my responsiveness.

And lastly I think my most favorite will be the new “Noise suppression” feature that will be rolling out in Teams meetings. There have been times my dog begins to bark rather intensely when she hears the UPS truck driving up the block, a squirrel runs by the window, and a random leaf drops from the tree. The ability for Teams to isolate my voice and remove background noise will be a welcome feature to those listening to me on meeting.

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