Working Virtual with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Real Time Collaboration

Back in September, I wrote the following blog article, “Use Microsoft Teams to run a virtual lab or virtual hackathon event.” which I have included below. The posting is about running a virtual training session or a virtual collaboration event such as a hackathon using the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams from rapid meeting setup, video calling, screen sharing, document sharing, and other collaboration aspects.

With the rapid shift in folks working from home in response to the Covid-19 virus, I wanted to re-share the blog posting as well I put together a quick video to talk through two use cases that I frequently do as part of my daily work. I have been living the virtual work experience for several years now as my team is distributed across the country, and we utilize Microsoft Teams every day.

Take a read through my blog post or watch the quick video for some ideas on using Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

Don’t focus on failure, focus on being adaptable.
Adaptability - what is adaptability

Don’t focus on failure, focus on being adaptable.

Over the past year, I have seen a significant increase in the number of

NYC Half Marathon Canceled
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NYC Half Marathon Canceled

With the continued development of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) there was concern

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