Tomorrow marks another Peloton milestone!

One Peloton Milestone

Tomorrow marks another milestone in my Peloton journey. It’s time to say goodbye to triple digital ride count status on the bike, tomorrow it’s time to celebrate 1000 rides.

It was a little less than 3-years ago we got the Peloton bike. Those early rides were challenging and a real eye-opener in how low my fitness level was. The thought of hitting 100 rides and achieving the coveted Century shirt seemed impossible.

But as you ride and achieve new PR’s, it can get addicting. But the ride count does not compare to the number of friends that have been made. Who knew a bike that is in my home, that one may think is isolating has been a catalyst to be part of a community of people that we have built connections with virtually and in person.

You have all helped to get me to expand my fitness even further; we got the Peloton Tread, run 5k’s, half-marathons, and continue to be there to celebrate everyone’s success.

And let’s not forget the fantastic instructors who help motivate and inspire us through every workout! They all bring something unique to the platform.

It’s the Peloton community that helped me get to 1000… Thank you! Let’s make 2020 even greater!

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