Scam of the week – Department of Social Security Administration

Got this call multiple times on multiple phones through our house. This one is leveraging the fear tactic and attempting to convince you to call their number because you’re under some form of criminal investigation.

This is a new one for me as they typically do not use the Social Security Administration as a ploy. Definitely made me stop for a second, well that is until you listen to the entire message. Check the grammar and overall structure of the message.

Now of course the Social Social Security Administration is not going to call you about some legal action. Take a read at Consumer Reports article for some additional commentary as this seems to be a broader event than I have personally seen.

This is Ryan Smith calling you from the Department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call, from our department is to inform you that, there is a legal enforcement action filed on your social security number filed for criminal activities. So when you get this message kindly call us as soon as possible on our number that is 858-365-0521 before we begin with the legal proceedings. Thank you.

Scam of the week – Police Department

Scam of the week – Police Department

The local news channel reported there has been a rash of phone scams coming

Microsoft Teams – Don’t just turn it on, spend time planning.

Microsoft Teams – Don’t just turn it on, spend time planning.

For the past several years I have had the opportunity to transform the way I

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