Scam of the week – Chimney Cleaning

Alright, this is an interesting one. This is either some type of scam or simply a really poor attempt to leverage automation and telemarketing to sell chimney cleaning services.

First the audio quality of the call is horrible, even my machine learning Audio-to-Text algorithms simply could not piece together all the text.

Second the message is expecting a live person with a call-to-action to press one for further information. The probability of someone actually answering their house phone is low, so the chance of actually getting a live person who would consider going the next step and pressing one is low.

Third the message does not provide any details as to the company or ways to contact them directly. Based on that I would not even make an attempt to leverage their service.

My best guess is this is some type of marketing scam where they just blanket call every number possible and attempt to connect with individuals. If the recipient of the call moves through the call-to-action I suspect they will just sell the lead to a local Chimney cleaning service make a few bucks and call it a day.

What is interesting is that it’s not really clear if this is even a chimney cleaning service. The only clues were the reference to cleaning, carbon monoxide, and safety inspect.

This is a friendly reminder, it’s not a telemarketing cool. We wanna call that previous customers. This is an easy way to contact you and let you know that the back in the area service now previous customers offering a discount place to people who over do the cleaners 59.99 coming 12 point, safety inspection so wouldn’t want to that would be clean for next 2 years and why were they would do the cleaning back and everything out make sure it’s safe and sound. No carbon oxide leaks.

If you’d like to schedule appointment. Please press one on your computer will keep.

About sales associate with technicians call you back to schedule appointment, thank you.

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