Scam of the week – Student Loan

And so the scams continue. This one is interesting in how the message is structured. The way the lady speaks, the use of “um’s” gives a trusting feel and almost makes you want to call, well that is if you have some open and outstanding student loans.

Just for the sake of experimenting I was curious to see if the toll free number was real. So I went to a random lobby phone at a hotel I was recently at and called the toll free number. I was presented with an automated system offering me several options based on my so called existing loan. I selected the option for a total loan balance of over 10k and was connected to an agent. The agent sounded professional and started to give me a song and dance about how their program can save me money and allow me to consolidate my student loans. When I started asking for details about their company and really started pushing on how they got my information he hung up.

They claimed to be from National Student Loan so I looked up to see if there was a company by that name. I found one in a Google search and called it directly. When I called I got a different automated menu system and spoke with someone who said they do not call folks about their loans. They only market via Google and other paid ads. They indicated they are a private company that provides student loan consolidation services.

At the end of the day it is clear that the voicemail and associated toll free number is suspicious and most likely looking to trick folks into paying some registration or processing free or doing something to collect personal information that they can leverage for their own gain.

My recommendation, even if you have a student loan is to ignore this call, as it looks like a scam. Do your own research and find a company on your own if you are in need of consolidating your student loans.

Yes, this is Lori Robbins and I’m calling in reference to your federal student loan.

I need to discuss your repayment options.

There have been some changes that have taken effect recently.

I’d like to go over with you if you could please.

Give me a call back at 866-395-7337 and then this reference number is for you to have when you call me back that would have helped very much if you had this is 50105. Thank you.

UPDATE 2019-02-27: Still getting these calls, the voice sounded the same, but this time the name left in the message was Sarah Mitchel with a new number 866-657-5885.

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